Thursday, July 27, 2017

Guest Blogger

It has been a while, but guess what?  We are back!!!!

As many of you know, Leslie is adapting new responsibilities into her already hectic life.  In order to help her with this, we came up with this:  A Guest Blogger.  Who would do such a thing?  Well, that would be me - Jill!

Many of you may know me already.  When Leslie first started out with her business, I was transportation and helper at all of the shows.  We would pack my little sports car full of heavy beads and cording, tables, lights - everything but the kitchen sink!  She had to hold her suitcases on some of the trips because we had no more room in the back!  We were so happy coming home because we sold things and we could actually move in the car!!

In the many years since then, I have taken a step back at shows.  I am now demoted to a partial Twisted Sistah.  Now I just help out at the bigger shows - like Beadfest.  I am the woman demoing bead crochet with the yarn and pony beads in Leslie's booth.  I also work the register, so if you have bought anything at the big shows you have probably spoken to me!

I may not have the knowledge and experience that Leslie has, but I hope that my entries keep you coming back for more! I am not overly technical about the beads, I will usually be "oohh look at the pretty beads" before I would ask how it is accomplished.

So let me end this by saying "Hi!!!" and I hope that you continue to come to Twisted Sistah Beads' Musings.  I would love some feedback - good or bad - just please do not make it too harsh!

Go Bead Something!!!!

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  1. Hey ���� Jill-

    Sounds like lotsa experience in a variety of capacities. We welcome the input and you perspective plus personality to Leslie's corner of the Bead World. Though I've not met you in person, you must be an alright gal to be friend of Da Twisted Sistah herself & such a loyal person to want to write and share with us. Thanks and look forward to more of your entries.

    Yours in Beads,